Saturday, October 21, 2006

Anne Klein Watches

If you are looking for a classic ladies watch, or even a more trendy and up to date style, Anne Klein watches seem to be a good choice. Not only are Anne Klein watches nicely styled and nice to look at, but my experience with these watches is that they are also very well crafted and last quite a few years.
Anne Klein watches can be a little pricey, but compared to other comparable brands they are right on target. When compared with more expensive brands, Anne Klein watches stand up very nicely in terms of looks and craftsmanship. If you look at it that way, Anne Klein watches are a really good deal for the money. They generally begin pricing at about fifty-five dollars and can range up to one hundred and fifty for styles that include diamond accents.
Their style is mainly classic, but their coloring has been updated to match the trends. They have quite a few watches that are a blend of sliver or white gold and yellow gold, which is high on the trend list lately. In addition, they offer several pieces of single colored faces and bands, including silver, white gold and yellow gold.
Anne Klein watches are sold at various retail outlets, and can generally be found at just about any large department store in existence. If you want to try to find a deal, there are always new with tags Anne Klein watches listed on Ebay. You have to watch with Ebay, though, and make sure you are not getting a knock off. It should be listed in the auction whether or not it is indeed real, but you never can be sure. If Ebay is not for you, websites like and, as well as other outlet stores, also offer a variety of Anne Klein watches. Generally, these are from a past season, but because these watches are crafted in a classic style you most likely will not even notice. These websites are more secure in the fact that they are selling authentic Anne Klein pieces and if you are not satisfied you are able to return the watch for a refund.
My suggestion is to go to a store and try on several Anne Klein watches. If you find one you really like, go home and try to find it for a better price online. This way you know what you are getting before purchasing, and searching out a deal is always exciting!